Asante in Tiwi - Support for Kids and orphans in need

Asante e.V. is an association for the support of poor and needy children in Africa - more specific in Tiwi a socially vulnerable region in Kenia. The association is supporting the children in with various thing. More about it is summarized in her.


Why Tiwi? Who initiated the support?

All this has been initiated by a German couple which move to Kenia in 1998 - their idea was to spend the winters of their retirement within Kenia. Obviously they love the climate. When they started to settle they discovered that the people in the region might need some support. By the time something the initial support ended up in something which is great for Tiwi. Basically it's the lifetime achievement of Christine Rottland. Great things have been achive with very little effort.


School meals - a student made the call

In 2002 a student made the call for help - Christine followed the call and found that visiting school isn't everything the kids of Tiwi need. At the time most of them got a meal per day - something which isn't sufficient for a human being. Time for a change - Asante made it happen. Some facts from 2002 to 2017:


2002 - Initially 60 kids got the chance to join a pilot project - the first of its kind in the region. It was well received and it was recognized that the kids turned into a much better state. Skins issues started to disappear. A great success!

2006 - Asante was able to provide the daily meal to roughly 120 kids.

2008 - A kindergarten for orphans has been opened > additional 16 kids are getting lunch.

. . .

2017 - The status of today: 28 school classes are getting lunch


A monthly contribution of €12 is guaranteeing a lunch for one student. 

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Breakfast - Uji

A learning of the daily life in Tiwi - if kids are hungry they are not able to pay attention. Conclusion - a breakfast had to be introduced. Asante is able to provide a daily portion of millet maize porridge. The named it Uji - this is Swahili word for this type of breakfast.


Today 3'888 kids are getting a breakfast in school or kindergarten!!!


The breakfast has changed the kids a lot. They are able to pay attention which helps them a lot to learn things and to develop themselves..

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