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How long will it take us?

We cannot tell but we are willing to share some statistics. The results of the last 5 Cape Epic races can be summarized with the following figures:

 > 23% did not finish

 > avg. winner time 30h14min

 > median finisher time = 47h01min

 > last finisher > avg. time = 62h06min

Donate for the Kids in Tiwi

Support the kids of Tiwi with a donatation of your choice. You might ask: How much is required? This is up to you. Thx a lot from the KIDS of Tiwi.

Remember - 100% of the donations will be forwarded to the kids of Tiwi. Everything around Bike4Africa is covered by Thomas and Michael.
What in details is going to happen with your donation >> check here.


For you information - the money goes to an account which is registered under Michael Trepte. His name will appear as receiver. Thx again for donating.


The other option for donations is traditional way of a bank transaction. Please use the following details:

IBAN CH23 0070 0110 0064 9619 0  /  Zürcher Kantonalbank

   Bank clearing number: 700
   SWIFT address (BIC): ZKBKCHZZ80A

Michael Trepte

for Bike4Africa


CH-8810 Horgen

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Rule for the betting game:

1. One bet per person only.

2. The overall finisher time of Team Bike4Afria is what you can bet on.

3. The person with the best guess wins. In case two or more persons but the same time then we will split the price money into even parts.

4. In case we are not able to finish the race then the time of the last completed stage is counting (e.g. stage 1 takes us 2h > we are not able to finish stage 2 then 2hours is the official time)

5. Last chance to place a guess is before the race starts. The race start on 19th March 2017.

6. If you don't want to donated for the cause then your bet is only accepted if you send a letter / postcard with bet details to: Bike4Africa, c/o M.Trepte, Einsiedlerstr.410, CH-8810 Horgen