From Canada to Africa - RIDE FOR AFRICA

Prior to the swim, the first charity event from us, was born out of the passion to travel – and specifically to travel on a motorbike.
In 2009 Axel decided to follow his idea of getting a motorbike license. He fell in love with riding and just after having his license in the hand, he decided to do a longer trip on the motorbike. However, when and to where was not clear at all at that point.

Months later his neighbour who was volunteering for a charity organization in Africa returned home and told him the story of this organization and the work he did there. Axel was intrigued and the idea was born to connect these two communities, the hometown of the charity organization, with the communities that receives the support. As a result Axel and his friend Michael bought two motorbikes and setup charity events to start leaving for Africa from Edmonton (Canada) in April 2010. After a number of charity events the two boys left packed up mid April from Edmonton and crossed Canada eastbound. After arrival in Montreal they flew to Germany and continued their trip via Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya all the way to Tanzania to meet their fellow supports at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, also the home of the Orphanage. All supports who helped raise a certain amount of money where invited to join then the final episode of their life changing trip, by climbing the highest peak of Africa. At the top of Africa we were all celebrating this successful event.

After returning to the base of Mt. Kili we visited the orphanage and had the honor to hand over the funds we collected. At the end of this 4 month journey and 1 year of fundraising Mike, Axel and all their supporters handed nearly CAD 40,000.00 to the charity organization “Hands across Africa”. Everybody was delighted.