From Europe to Africa

The plan of 2011 was to swim to Africa. Doesn't sound like a day to day thing, right? By swimming from Europe to Africa we wanted to show how close these two continents are, even though they are so different. They are so close that even “normal” guys like us - Axel and Michael - can swim across.
We prepared ourselves over several months with some intense training to cross the Strait of Gibraltar. For the swim itself we had a timeframe of one week to get it done. The week of timeframe just proved to be enough . Heavy wind, big waves and strong currents lead the mission nearly to a dead end. The shortest distance from Spain to Morocco is 15km and we had to wait for the right conditions not to be blown out into the open ocean.

Charity - Support for two Orphanage

For Michael and Axel it wasn't just about a personal challenge, it was more. It was about asking for support of two orphanages in Africa. Through personal connections the organization HandsAcross Africa was a trust full partner taking care of these two orphanages in Sierra Leone and Tanzania.
As a bonus, everybody taking part in the funding of this charity organization had the chance to win € 500 by guessing the time we needed to cross the Straight. Each guess translated to a donation to the orphanages that succeeded by far the wining price (which was donated anyways by a private company).

Great success - Support of two Orphanage

We did - we made a successful crossing and even better, our donation fund was far fuller than we anticipated. Double win!
On October 7th 2011 the weather turned for a brief time better and just before the sunrise we jumped into the water with a minimum of 15km of swimming ahead. After 17,2 km and only 3:50 hours we reached Morocco,  surprisingly much faster than we all expected. Maybe the Orcas that were behind us at some stage made us swim a little faster (see picture).
However - much more important than the time for the crossing was the following fact:
More than € 10,000.00 have been donated. This was the great win for the orphans in Africa.


Thanks a lot to everybody who supported the cause!!!